Friday, March 24, 2017

let it ramble

Our garden is all rambly shambly. 
The grass has become unruly after delicious damp and drizzly weather for the past fortnight. 
The weed seeds are sprouting by the gadzillions and the kikuyu is running amok all through the flower beds.
The right side of my brain says it feels relaxing
The left side of my brain paces around in frustration that everything-at-once needs taming and tidying to bring a sense of order before things get really out of control.
There must be a happy medium. 
Calm, yet a little freedom round the edges.
It is appealing to see a neat, orderly garden. It is restful in a satisfying way.
However, a symmetrical, formal clipped garden with nary a leaf out of place makes me hyperventilate. to keep it that way!
No time to sit under a shady tree or stop and smell the roses.
Isn’t that like our lives? 
There is a difference between chaotic and calm. 
While calm doesn’t necessarily mean spit spot, there is a restfulness that is evident in an environment that is lived in, yet peaceful.
If we spend every spare minute to tidy and dust and clean the house, we don’t have time to sit still and relax with a good book or snuggle a little one with a story, because there are “things to be done!”
There is a difference between dirty mess and disorganised mahem versus the evidence of a little clutter from a lived-in and loving home.
Enjoy your home.
 Enjoy your garden.
 And make time to stop and smell the roses.

Photo by Mikaela Moseling

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Sometimes it’s nice to take a little side step out of our daily routine.
To take a little RDO.

Homeschooling mamas can take a Rostered Day Off too you know!
When was the last time you did something that made your heart sing?
What is it that triggers that happy hoppity skip of delight for you?
For me – it’s colour.

Playing with flowers or splashing some paint just makes me feel brighter.
I did that today and it was just what I needed.
The housework, the bookwork, the dishes and the duties of every day routine will still be there tomorrow. But today, I took a day off.
It feels quite delicious having a Saturday kind of a day mid-week.
I have found a key to me remaining steadfast, is to pace myself and take time out now and then.
I think it is healthy for us to experience the delight of enjoying an interest. It models a love of learning for our children and keeps our enthusiasm fresh to instil that motivation in them to stretch and grow with developing skills and interests.
I only have two out of our eight students left to finish our home schooling journey. It is a challenge for me to stay focused and content when I occasionally chaff  to run ahead into the next era.
I inherited a distinctly restless nature from my dear dad. And I really have to rein in that urge to take off and explore. One can’t just go adventuring any old time!
But hey! A day off can make all the difference to help me settle back into routine again.
I cringe when I see quotes like “do more of what makes you happy”. But honestly? When WAS the last time you did something that

There’s nothing like dropping some turquoise, bright yellow or pink ink onto some wet paper to lift off the slough of despond. 
Highly recommended!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Go ManGo

We have a little mango tree on our property that has been laden with fruit this summer.
Mangoes are deeeelicious
I remember sitting on the beach at Byron Bay in a bikini one teenage summer (a looooong time ago) slurping fresh prawns and whole mangoes.
The essence of summer.
I have really relished fruit this season.
What is your favourite? Watermelon? Sweet pineapple? Juicy peaches?
Alas, our orchard full of stone fruit has gone to the birds.

But the mango tree up the back was a secret they didn’t discover!

A singular possum must have, because we found evidence each morning that one mango at a time was picked and eaten, leaving a clean seed stashed under a nearby tree.

I came up with quite a spectacular dish that combines all the yummy flavours capturing summer in a salad.

Arrange the following on the biggest prettiest platter you can find.
A mixture of greenery – Cos and Frilly lettuce, baby spinach and rocket leaves, avocado, chopped red capsicum, cherry tomatoes ( I halved some of those cute little orange ones) snow peas, diced cucumber and mango chunks. Blanched florets of broccoli plus chopped asparagus if you like too!
 Then sprinkle with roughly chopped toasted macadamia nuts.
Chicken breast fillets – I used three – slice and fry in a pan until nice and golden. If you find this dry, you could poach and shred the chicken.
Set the chicken aside. Using the frypan, stir in a squidge of lemongrass, a generous squirt or two of ginger (you can find tubes of these in the veggie section at the supermarket) then add the juice and zest of a fresh lime. Stir in half a cup of coconut cream too if you like and add salt to taste.
Mix well over low heat, then stir in the chicken and leave to cool and marinate as it soaks up the sauce.

Drizzle and plop the saucy chicken over the salad. It messes it up a bit to toss, but it mixes the flavours better. Wait for people to admire it suitably, then toss it and serve it up!

Friday, January 6, 2017

young energy

Home is not just a house.
It is not just family who lives there.
Home is a place for the heart. A place to belong. A place to feel comfy.
When my older children come "home", it isn't just to see us. 
It is to be where their hearts belong until they establish a home of their own.
I am learning to step back and let them take charge of their own ideas.
To detach and not feel responsible for making all the action happen.
Or even feeding everybody all of the time!
I love it when they take the initiative.
Their ideas are so fresh and so fun!
Our outdoorsy celebrations for Christmas and New Year felt like stepping into instagram.
It was beautiful to see everything unfold.

Sparks flew!

New faces and new friends change the dynamics.
It keeps my heart young.
I don't need to keep up.

It is interesting to step make more as an observer.
I love the vibrant energy of young people.
 I don't need to be in the center of the action.
 I get to cuddle the grandbabies!

Having little ones in our home brings back the wonder and delight of giving gifts.


My soul feels saturated after an intense few weeks of feasting and merriment.
We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner outside in the garden and a celebratory gathering in the paddock to see in the new year. It was fun to shake up the dynamics and set up the tables outside with fairy lights and candles.
Our hearts and home full with family and friends coming and going.
Dear little grandchildren have come and gone now.
While the house echoes quietly with orderly space once again, there are empty places in our hearts. Having young children filling our home reminds me how life bursts at the seams with little ones. Every day is chockablock with LIFE. And life is loud and messy and ... marvellous.
It is intense. It is tiring. It is...beautiful.

Though our home is far from empty, I am taking the opportunity to press the pause button before life snowballs along with a different routine for 2017.

I picked up a wonderful pod chair on my road trip. We have rigged it up to swing in the breeze on the verandah and it is so comfy to curl up and tuck myself away.
This very welcome cool change in the weather is much more condusive to contemplation than the oppressive energy-sapping heat.

How do you recalibrate?
To re-set a "new normal" before launching into a fresh new year full of possibilities and potential?